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We offer first class engineering services to our clients at a very competitive price. We specialise in chrome electroplating, precision grinding and industrial repair of rotating equipment. Using the following 10 point procedure,

1 - Book job into computerised system to enable future tracking.

2 - Dismantle equipment and record all relevant data.

3 - Clean and inspect components for wear.

4 - Identify and diagnose faults to be rectified.

5 - Produce photographic report and quote for refurbishment.

6 - Purchase OEM spares or reverse engineer where appropriate and carry out repairs.

7 - Carry out relevant testing including video analysis.

8 - Final inspection before painting if required to customers specifications.

9 - Make final quality inspection checks.

10 - Return of job to customer for re-installation.

 Rest assured, we are the best team for the job, and we hope you will reach out to us if you require engineers to help with your projects.

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